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This week at OSLA 12/5/2022

This week is exciting. All the kids are amped up for Christmas and the two weeks off from school. Everyone is buzzing with the upcoming trips we have planned and our holiday camp.

In Ms. Tabby's class, the kids are working on identifying numbers and measurement in math. In language arts, they are identifying letters and cause-effect. They are reading holiday stories.

In Mr. Paul's class, the kids continue to work on multi-digit multiplication and division or adding and subtracting with regrouping. In language arts, they are working on sentence structure. In reading, we are doing chapters 11-14 of Goosebumps Haunted School by R.L. Steine. Our vocabulary and spelling words are: creep, whiny, whirred, clung, and modern.

In Ms. Heaven's Class, they are working on decimals for math. In language arts, we are working on parts of speech and analyzing non-fiction passages. In reading, they just started Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Their vocabulary words are: pantomime, mollify, bridal, irrigation, pognacious, mottled, muse, plaintive, laden, and peer.

In science 2, kids are learning about animal classifications. In Social Studies 2 we are working on finishing up our history unit about the American Colonies and the Native American tribes.

For printing and cursive, Ms. Chasya has them all working hard to get them ready for the mid-term. In art kids are making holiday creations. In music they are working on keeping rhythym.

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