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A new approach to education.

Our teachers and staff come from a special education background, which has allowed us to know and differentiate each child's learning experience.  With small class sizes and emphasis on the individual child, our program is geared toward your child's specific academic needs.  Because of our smaller group sizes, there is often time to work one-on-one with our students while incorporating hands-on learning activities.

We foster independence by teaching daily life skills, holding students accountable, and promoting teamwork.  OSLA Bucks are paid out as reinforcers for completing tasks, helping around the school, following directions, and participating.  The Bucks are used to shop our school store for preferred items such as candies, pencils, hair accessories, etc.  

While adhering to Florida State Standards, our curriculum allows us to adjust each student's pace to ensure that they have mastered each concept before moving ahead.  We take pride in our comprehensive yet flexible curriculum, giving students the tools to develop and improve their skills in various fields and programs. 

Contact us today to discuss your child's unique learning goals.

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