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About Open Seas Learning Academy


The academy was founded by Heaven Spencer alongside a group of fellow therapists when Covid-19 initially started affecting schools' abilities to serve students; schools were closed to encourage social distancing, and for many virtual learning replaced classroom instruction, causing much stress and difficulty for many students and their families.  Kids with autism were at an even more significant disadvantage, often struggling to remain seated and focused with no one in person to reinforce and keep them motivated. 

Aware that the children they worked with had needs that were not being met, the group went to work teaming up with Pastor Craig Bridgers at The Crossings Church to create an alternative learning environment for the students to thrive and complete their assigned school work. In August of 2020, Open Seas Learning Academy began to serve the needs of the kids and their families successfully.  

Our curriculum is designed with each child’s unique abilities in mind.  We strive to ensure that each lesson is tailored to meet the students' individual needs while keeping them all working on the same themes to create a sense of inclusion and community amongst the children.

Instructional goals are broken down based on learning stages and abilities for accomplishing learning goals.  This allows education to be truly individualized, not just based on grade level.  Tasks are begun under the current level and built upon to reduce behaviors and keep students motivated.

We provide educational services for all children, including those with autism, related disabilities, and their siblings.  Programs offered include full/part-time tutoring both online and in-person, as well as summer/day programs for when school is out. Working alongside therapy companies throughout the Treasure Coast, we welcome outside interventions into our facility to work with students.  We have experience working with adapting curricula for those with special needs and are sure we can work with your family to adopt a curriculum to meet the needs of your children.

Heaven Spencer Owner/Director

Heaven Spencer was born in Virginia but moved with her family to Indian River County in 1997.  She attended middle and high school there and has become a fixture of the community.  Having a brother with Asperger’s Syndrome gave her insight into how kids with disabilities could be overlooked in the school system and the specific individual needs varying from person to person with disabilities.  

As an adult, she worked in several fields in leadership positions.  Spending time doing web design, photography, cosmetology, retail, and even helping to start a non-profit allowed her to learn to take charge and be an asset in many different situations. 

Later, when her child was born with autism, she focused on ensuring her son got the needed help and therapies.  Heaven quickly realized how difficult it was for her family and son to get the help he needed.  When her son turned three and finally received his diagnosis and began to receive ABA services, she was invited to participate in a class to become a behavior assistant.  She continued in the ABA field for the last eight years and received her degree in Educational Studies through Western Governors University. 

When Covid-19 broke out, and many kids were displaced from their local public schools because of mask mandates, Heaven and a few friends saw an opportunity to come together and create a program.  Open Seas Learning Academy is meant to be where kids can learn and grow based on their skills and needs.

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